Travel Diary | Cappadocia – The Land of Fairy Chimneys (part 1)

“Oh, I love a good Turkish delight!” I said to Trang when we were looking on Google Maps one evening in August, deciding where our next travel destination should be. Turkey was always on our long bucket list, but everything seemed to just fall into place. Every time we searched “best places to visit in Turkey” and “must-do experiences in Turkey,” it became clear that this was our next holiday destination.

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Back to Classic

If you have been following Sir and Style, you would have already noticed that I am a massive fan of the classic black, as if I own an ‘all-black’ wardrobe (well, pretty much!), although I do try to add some brighter tones every now and then. The weather here in London has been quite gloomy, and even though my mood perhaps was leaning towards more on the opposite side, I was intrigued to wear an all-black ensemble for a day out at the weekend, since the colour creates chic, sophistication and of course, a sense of classic. Continue reading “Back to Classic”